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Senator John F. Kennedy was speaking in Glenwood Park and Mullens, West Virgina. (Read it... it's deja vu all over again)

Of course, the people of West Virginia are not contented with handouts from the government. They would like to see the entire food distribution program come to an end. They would like to see it come to an end because men were back at work, earning decent wages, and producing a decent diet for themselves and for their families.

IBM Announces "STRETCH" Supercomputer Plans

IBM sends out an upbeat release on supercomputers and its own STRETCH. "The $10-million-and-up class computers are the world's fastest and most powerful. They are similar to the STRETCH computer which IBM is now completing for the Atomic Energy Commission at Los Alamos, New Mexico. IBM will now contract with business firms and government agencies to build STRETCH type computers. They can complete 100 billion computations in a day. The new machines are seventy-five times faster than the large-scale IBM 704 computer" Serial Number 1 STRETCH is part of The Computer Museum History Center's permanent collection.

In 1960, the price of $13.5 million was set for the IBM 7030.

Double earthquake in south Iran

Reverend Theodore Roosevelt Thompson stages a one-man sit-in in Dallas

Elvis Presely begins work on his first post service, and fifth film GI Blue

Thank all of you for the well wishes, cards, thoughts, and gifts virtual, physical, and poetical.
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