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At the very end, I wanted Sam to smile and walk away.

I find it sad, that if all Lucifer showed Sam was true, that all of Sam's built up anger, his helplessness, his struggles to find his own way were thwarted and hedged and manipulated from the start.

On the other hand, although the details varied, I did find a moment of glee on how neatly this dovetailed into my Reaper verse stories, if not the Miracles crossover I've yet to finish.

And still, I take comfort in the fact that Sam did what he said he was going to do, and that he needed Dean (and yes, the Impala,) there to do it. I kind of called that one in my head the moment Lucifer had control and they cut back to Chuck. That it was not Sam who had the strength to defeat Lucifer, but the strength of his bond with Dean that made it possible. And that he was obviously terrified, but he did it anyway.

What I liked:

The whole Dean coming to realize that Sam needed to be part of ending this and if not agreeing, at least accepting.

Lucifer's fucking overconfidence.

The Michael/Lucifer squabbling and Michael is still a prick.

Lucifer not letting anyone beat on his brother but him.

For once: Cas: Both the getting blown to wet soggy bits and the coming back with his trenchcoat sparkly and clean and taking care of a bad make up job.

That Bobby lived.

That Sam followed through, terrified but he did it, and did it knowing there was no coming back.

That the Impala is more than a car.

That Lisa took Dean in and hugged him.

That despite his promise, Dean looked like he wanted to be anywhere but eating dinner at Lisa's house.

What I didn't like:

Pretty much everything else. But it really is more "meh" than I hated it.

Ah, Sam...for a major character largely ignored for the past two seasons, it's the wasted potential I mourn the most.

I really wanted to see him smile.

If I could be writing it, it would be Orpheus and Euridyce, it would be that there must be some sacrifice...that Dean must not look back or it will be undone. That Sam must walk that path alone for awhile. Something like that...there's a deal been made here, or the idea that Michael somehow engineered this so he would not spend an eternity in hell with his bratty, superior brother.

That Sam is haunting Dean until he finds a way.

But I'd still feel better if Sam smiled.
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