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I had a [ profile] batdina here for almost a week. I borrowed her from [ profile] leela_cat cause they are generous like that. She was here for a conference, so mostly we got breakfast and dinner together and it was five days of the most interesting conversations I've had in a awhile. My cats, however, are sure I've done something evil with their new lounge cushion.. they keep going in the guest room, miaowing and then coming out and looking at me like. "Where did you put her?"

I saw the minor tempest over Robin Hobb's blog post back in May. To which I say, being a published author does not make you smart, but it may give you an edge on having a platform to stay stupid things. You go right ahead and tough out your brand of cranky pants, there, Robin. I've tried toughing it out for the past two years, you insufferable can kiss my dysthymiac ass. The rest of us will keep trying to get the help we need to maintain minimal functionality -- screw the creative impulse. What a moron.

I can't do Killa's TV show quiz 'cause that would
require I actually pay attention every day, but while [ profile] batdina
was here, we did have a lovely TV show past reminiscence. Now I really
want the first two seasons of "The Rookies". Casue you know, Michael
Onktean, George Stanford Brown, in an apartment, buddies and partners
...I can't believe I haven't seen slash on that.

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