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[ profile] killabeez did mine so I should reciprocate. Plus maybe it will get me in the mood to write again.

Pick a character and I will give and explain the top five ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them.

Date: 2011-01-13 03:30 am (UTC)
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(oh come on, who else would I choose? *g*)

Date: 2011-01-13 12:24 pm (UTC)
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1. Patient; not a trait that many ascribe to him, mostly because of that explosive temper; but Krakatoa takes time to build up pressure. But all you have to do is look at his relationship with Jesse to see it; that kid would have driven anyone else up the walls; Dom takes him under his wing.

2. Protective of what's his; there's some possessiveness there too but mostly it's protecting; holding the line; pushing people to go for it; Mia, Brian; Even Vince, claim what's yours and hold onto it, keep it safe.

3. Loyalty: Dom loves deep; there's nothing shallow about Dom; everything about him runs deep and quiet including those he loves be it familial love as with Mia and his team or passionate as with Letty (and yes, Brian). There's none of this still waters runs deep though, these are strong deep currents. Once you're his, you're his.

4. Emminently capable & Intelligent. In my estimation of Dom, there's nothing he couldn't do if he put his mind to it; if he decided to go to college I swear he'd come out designing concept cars. This man is scary smart and he actually knows it; but he uses it pragmatically.

5. Competitive, not ambitious; There's some ambition there yes; he'd probably loved being top of a legal circuit if his life had been different but it isn't and he accepts that; his actual needs are pretty simple; family, a decent living or better; keeping the ones he loves close. I maintain to this day that whole truck jacking thing was as much for the thrill and challenge of it as for any money they made.

Date: 2011-01-13 03:32 am (UTC)
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Vin Tanner. *g*

Date: 2011-01-13 12:37 pm (UTC)
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Aw Vin **g** we'll go with historical Vin as opposed to ATF vin although much translates.

1. Fatalistic; it's a trait he shares with Chris, but while Chris rails against it, Vin accepts it. I think it's a constant surprise to him every day he wakes to another sunrise. He knows his death is coming, it gives him no end of joy to beat it off for another day.

2.Judgemental; Vin will stand up against what he sees are wrongs done. Given his life and how he was raised; I think he thinks white men have narrow view of the world that's often wrong. He knows he's been wronged. Young as he is, he's very much aware that the white man's justice only goes so far, and where the law fails, where justice fails, it's up to good men to put it right.

3. Not blindly loyal, sticks to his own code; Vin won't follow when he thinks someone is in the wrong; he'll argue; he will persuade, and if all else fails he'll go a long way to show someone is wrong; not to make them wrong but to get at the truth.

4. Honest; not that Vin will never lie but that he rarely if ever lies to himself; I think he's very much aware of his own weaknesses, his own strengths. His weaknesses never stop him form doing something, but he also knows his strengths won't always win the day.

5. Pragmatic; it's one of the traits I love most about him; it kind of binds all the others together. he's very much aware of the world he lives in and how it works; I think deep down he would like a family -- given his situation as a wanted man he settles for the family he finds; 6 brothers who would do anything for him. (Even if they bitch about it sometimes).

Date: 2011-01-13 01:21 pm (UTC)
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Awh - I love all of those, especially fatalism; I often forget that one. Thanks, I needed the reminders (looking for inspiration at the moment!)

Hope you're surviving the cold!!!!

Date: 2011-01-13 03:42 am (UTC)
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Dean Winchester

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1. Driven by Approval; First came his need to have John's approval, then Sam's, Bobby's, Cassie's, Lisa's, maybe even Castiel's; I think now we're seeing him struggle to come to terms with finding that in himself, rather than outside of himself. I think of all the things he both loves and envies about Sam, that's top of the list. Sam may have wanted John's approval, but he never needed it the way Dean did.

2.Family; I Think it's pretty obvious that Dean values family but the progression of what that means has changed as we've watched him, as he's struggled; first it was whatever core was left after Mary died; John, Sam, himself. That Sam wanted that honestly confused him; he's come around to realize something -- if Family makes you stronger; more family can make you stronger still, it increases the risk but he gives you even more reason to fight on. That it's come back down to Sam and Bobby again is a setback, but I don't think he's going to unlearn it.

3. Protective; Dean's far more protective others than he is himself; Sam especially, even given all the betrayals and set backs. He's, at his core, determined that other people get chances he never did including living lives he thinks he'll never have. He's not particularly graceful about it though. In a lot of ways I think he does it for Mary. He couldn't protect her; (regardless of the fact he was 4), he has a hard time protecting Sam; but what he can do is protect people he doesn't know. It doesn't really satisfy the core need though.

4. Arrogant: Some of it's bluff but mostly it's not. Dean is very confident in his ability to overcome most things supernatural; his appeal to women; his ability to take command of a situation. Were it not for those areas where he feels less confident, he'd be unbearable. There's an interesting mix of of both scorn and envy for the mundanes of the world; those who don't know what he does. Individuals can get to him, but in a large part he wonders how the rest of the world cannot see what he sees and how they manage that level of denial. It's an interesting conflict of purpose and at his core Dean really is a compassionate man; but he deliberately sets that aside at times and it makes him kind of an asshole at times, even when he's doing the right thing.

5. Sam: I can't write Dean without taking Sam into consideration. John too, but mostly Sam. So much of who Dean is and how he reacts to things is based on his relationship with Sam; much of his identity too. Even now when they seem to be about as far apart as they can be much of Dean is still defined by his brother. The reverse is also true but I think Sam loves his brother in spite of his flaws. For Dean, most of the times he loves Sam and sees Sam's flaws as temporary and fixable. I think even now he's not willing to see Sam for who he is rather than who Dean thinks he is. When I write them, I often try to address that issue.

Date: 2011-01-13 03:48 am (UTC)
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Neal Caffrey

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Arrgh. I had to look him up. I'm sorry. I don't watch White Collar. I have no clue on this guy.
Edited Date: 2011-01-13 01:12 pm (UTC)

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I have no idea how I got it into my addled brain that you did. No need to be sorry, it's me who got confused for whatever crazy reason. :-)

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John Winchester.

Date: 2011-01-13 01:31 pm (UTC)
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1.Mary: John loved Mary -- no one else ever came close. Not that he obviously has sought relief over the years or we wouldn't have had Adam, but when he went back, he went back to see his son, not the woman who bore him. Over the years, though I think his love for her became far more idealized. I don't think for a minute she would approve of what he'd put their sons through. In a lot of ways John is haunted by the memory of her, rather than the reality of who she was. He sees everything through the falsehood of that.

2. Is proud of Dean; but he takes to long to say it or show it. By the time he does, the withholding of that approval, which I think he did to make Dean strive harder, leaves a kind of damage his words can't fix. When he sacrifices himself for Dean, it's a kind of atonement, but ultimately it's a selfish atonement. One of the motivations for me writing in the Salvation 'verse and why I love it is a chance for John to get it right.

3. He admires Sam; he says as much, to Sam, but while I think Sam needed to hear it; once again, it was too little too late. I think even at the end, he thinks Sam can overcome this horrible fate he's been given, but he recognizes that it's Dean and not himself that is key to Sam doing that. He's wrong, but he believes it.

4. Recognizes his own failings; somewhere along the way I think John actually did realize he'd made some bad choice regarding his sons. I always thought that but even with the intro of Adam, it just confirmed what I thought. He tried to do it differently. Ultimately it didn't matter, but the attempt was an acknowledgment that he'd made some poor choice with Dean and Sam.

5. He loves his sons; I don't think I ever doubted it - it was a little twisted, autocratic, borderline abusive in any other circumstances but the ones they lived in, but he loved them and thought they both grew into fine men, men he'd have called friends if they weren't his sons.

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Sarah Blake.

Don't mind me; I'm over here salivating at the idea that you will write anything. Also, fangirling a sighting of you. <3

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Hee. I love Sarah.

1. So smart and such a smart ass; Sarah is one of those people who likely had all the advantages of a good family and wealth but who didn't let it turn her into a snob. My impression is that her father is a self made man; that her mother probably came from some money, but that her dad raised himself up to that level rather than taking the easier way. Stuffy as Daniel was, there was that air about him, so there's some blue collar back there that kept Sarah ground. She moves easily between both worlds.

2. Practical and open minded; of all the people that were brought face to face with the supernatural; Sarah seemed to move from fear to denial to acceptance the fastest. She wasn't willing to stand by and let Dean and Sam handle it; a friend of hers, a client had died and she wanted in. She never showed the the kind of fervor for it, but instead asked what can I do and then did her best to follow orders.

3. Loves wholly; aside from one episode everything else we know about Sarah is assumption. In my view of her, she saw the devotion between Dean and Sam immediately, but it was Sam's quiet fear and earnestness that drew her in rather than Dean's more blatant charm. I think losing her mother made her realize that nothings forever and so when you get the chance to love, you'd best do it all the way because you never know how long it will last.

4. Grounded. Even more than practical, Sarah has the ability to set her feet firmly on the ground and hold there; it's the kind of grounding and sense of self that I think both Sam and Dean need, that someone has to hold the center, has to provide the reason to come back in. Sarah does that for both of them and it comes to her as easy as breathing.

5. Unafraid: I've used that to describe her; she's not fearless like Dean is, and it's not that she can be overwhelmed. But I think that sense of self lets her stand against even more mortal fears and handle them She's knows she capable and strong, she knows Sam and Dean will do anything and everything it takes to protect her and their families; she can meet her own doubts head on and stare them down, and should the worst ever happen, she will still go forward. She may be dependent on the knowledge Dean and Sam have, but she's not dependent on their strengths -- she knows her own.

Date: 2011-01-13 02:03 pm (UTC)
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Ahahaha Brian.

1. Reckless; he is; this is a guy who has little sense of his own mortality or if he does, he doesn't care. It's not the same as fearless but when Brian fears he throws himself into or against whatever he's afraid of, not always wisely but with little thought to the consequences.

2. Needs an anchor; I think he finds that in Dom -- Mia's comment about being spun into Dom's orbit aside, I think Brian has always been looking for someone to hold onto, to fall back against. Once he does it, he trusts Dom to yank him back on some level.

3. Follows his own code; Despite returning to law enforcement more than once, Brian's code of justice is more internal than driven by legal restraints. I think he finds law enforcement to be the closest thing that allows him to pursue his own sense of justice but there's a streak of both vigilantism and skepticism of the fairness of the laws he enforces that serves him best when things are black and white and totally overcomes him when things are more gray.

4. Doesn't need anyone but desperately wants someone in his life; Brian is very capable of being a love them and leave them guy; he's wary of entanglements but at the same time he desperately wants to belong to something, to someone, have a purpose that's internal instead of external. In writing he and Dom, I think he gets that; Dom never traps or confines him, he just tempers him.

5. Would sacrifice everything including his life, to save what he loves. He'd actually sacrifice himself for people he doesn't know but he'd be cursing himself for being stupid; for those he loves there's no price to high, no law he won't break. In that, he and Dom are incredibly, if foolishly, well matched.

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Sam Winchester.

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Awwww, my Sam.

1. Guilt; spoken or unspoken Sam carries a lot of guilt; for his mother, for disappointing his father, for Jessica, for disappointing Dean. It drives him to make dumb choices. He keeps trying to fix whatever is wrong, and has a really difficult time accepting that some of it can't be fixed. I also think it's that more than anything that drove him to try and find his own life, to go to college. he could never escape that guilt while with John and Dean and the constant reminder of his mother's horrific death. It's kind of a wonder Sam is as a sane as he is most of the time.

2. Empathy; There's been a huge shift in the levels of empathy over the seasons; but what struck me most recently about soulless Sam is that of all the things he fakes, empathy is the one that he strives most for. It's like a muscle memory he can't shake. It's what makes Sam more human than monster and without it, he really isn't Sam.

3. Smart; there's a lot of fanon and canon that alludes to Sam's intelligence, but I think it's more than just that he's smart; Dean is smart too, but Sam has a a desire to learn, to explore and to apply what he knows. Dean is content to learn just enough to do what needs to be done. I think Sam loves to learn just for learning's sake.

4. Passionate; There's no real half ways with Sam. Unlike Dean who will hold parts of himself back to protect himself, Sam is passionate about everything and never more so than people he loves or thinks he loves. It doesn't always express itself in positive ways; his conflicts with john, the anger and arguing were as much a part of that passion as Dean's devotion to John and his need for John's approval. Many of the bad choices he made regarding the demons and his own legacy, were done as much because of his passionate and blinding love for his brother. It's a good thing to have on your side, it's a scary terrifying thing to have aligned against you which is what I think the demons were hoping for.

5. Dean; as with the one above, for me there is no way to write Sam without taking Dean into the center of him. Dean defines Sam in ways John never did. As with John and Mary, though, there's this impossible standard Sam's made up in his head about his brother than he will never be able to meet; he knows full well that Dean loves him like no one else ever has or ever will. I think much of Sam's frustration in the early seasons and many of his failures later come back to the fact that he will never be able to live up to that ideal. It isn't until just recently that we've started to see glimmers of Sam seeing that Dean doesn't really require him to -- he wants Sam to be smart, not perfect.

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Hey stranger! OK, Fara picked Vin so I'm choosing Chris. =)

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(excellent! I started to add him in, too, but decided I might be pushing things - way to go!!!)

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Ezra Standish. :)

Date: 2011-01-13 02:42 pm (UTC)
brynwulf: darklydean (Default)
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As above, I'm just fangirling the site of you. You would not believe how much I've been thinking of you lately.

Date: 2011-01-14 02:14 pm (UTC)
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I've been thinking about you too. I have your snow. You can have it back!

{{hugs you tight}}

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I know we haven't 'met' but I discovered your writing a while back and I added you so as not to miss any of it. You amaze me and I hope it's ok.

Just wanted to say this meme is awesome, pick is Bobby Singer if you're still playing. :)

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Late to the party here, but just wanted to say it was nice to see this post. We haven't met in LJ/DW land before (I'm still sorta new to these parts), but you'll know me from the 3 (M7) books I sent you a few years ago. I drop by here every now and again and am enjoying your contributions to this meme.

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and, uh, addressing the 'feel eloquent'/leave a comment button; no, i rarely feel eloquent, it's not my forte.
so! i'm going to be straightforward: i'm into sam/dean fic, and well, you're being recced all over the place! i don't know if you have a friending policy, but i get the impression that your journal is friend-locked because, woe is me, i am unable to read your Pay the Ferryman fic! so, in the hopes that you'll see fit to add me (yes, only for my selfish, fic-reading pleasure) i'm going to add you! i hope that's alright. if not, do let me know, and i'll defriend/do whatever you deem appropriate!

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do u watch ncis if so i suggest tony dinozzo

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