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Oct. 29th, 2011 08:46 am
maygra: (SPN-brother in a dark car)
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I should say that thus far this season I'm pretty happy. Not ecstatic, because the replay of seasons 1-4 is pretty obvious, and I do expect better from the writers. A vain expectation but still.

Anywho; last night made me happy. The overly sharing Leviathan in Bobby's basement made me happy.I did cotton onto the fact that it would be something simple that would slow them down or kill them (although I suggested chocolate chip cookies to my viewing companion. OR maybe vinegar. Borax was a good choice though, naturally occuring, multiple uses, anti-fungal (That cracks me up.)

I do like the versatility of the Leviathans, and how easily they slipped into the modern age. The fact that while humans are food, they really aren't in it for the wholesale slaughter of humanity, just a good solid meal now and then.

Onto the boys. Oh boys, you were doing so well. And we are back to the issues of trust, of honesty. Of Dean demanding Sam be honest with him and not offering the same honesty in return. Of Dean demanding Sam trust him and his judgement, and not doing the same. Granted, given the mess Sam's mind is in, I can allow a certain amount of wariness on Dean's part, but benefit of the doubt would not be amiss here.

What I'm hoping is happening here is that there is real regret over Amy -- that Dean may be thinking he should have trusted Sam's judgement on this one. I do think this is a pretty thin premise to build an entire season of angst over, but eh, they've doen less with more.

Crazy Chet was fun. Bobby Singer knows the most interesting people, doesn't he? And I was glad to see Jody again. I look at her and I keep thinking, this is what all of them need, a little human hope for a future -- maybe it would make them less crazycakes.

Two things I'm holding onto for future are that Levi!Sam referred to the state of Sam's mind (I don't want them to go overboard on that aspect but I'm seriously glad they aren't handwaving Sam's year in hell away -- give that we spent nearly a season on Dean recovering from his tour there)

And that the spell of a witch bound the Basement Leviathan for so long. A powerful witch (warlock?) true but, either it's an outlier or there are other weaknesses we haven't seen yet.I'm struggling with the stretch of mythology the writers are using here on these critters, but trying to predict it is fun.

Over all though, good episode, lots of excellent guest stars, no surprise on the blond FBI Agent, and a fun and not over done review of season one.

Also sparkly unicorns and Air Supply. I love this show.

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