SPN 8:22

May. 9th, 2013 02:02 pm
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Here be spoilers, you've been warned.

Okay, so in my head, after the phone broke and the hex bag was revealed, said bag was destroyed, resuscitation occurred and there, fixed that for you...

That said, the completely uninvolved in character part of my brain agrees that Sarah was the perfect choice for the once saved now targeted character to die right in front of them instead of them coming in and finding the person after the fact. And if I was going to generous, I'd thank the writers for not making Sarah's death unnecessarily gorey or (Eh hem) irreversible.

Otherwise, half of me liked the pure evilness of Crowley's plan, while the other part of me was going, yo, I know there's only one more ep left this season but seriously, couldn't have you started a little sooner on the loose end wrap up rather than trying to shove it into the introduction of whole new elements. That was a lot to cram into one episode and as such, very little of it had much impact, even Sarah's death (And most of you know how much I love the character of Sarah Blake-Winchester, I'm just saying.)

And after all of the Tossed-Salad elements of the eps, my one huge gripe was, when and how did the hex bag get into Dean's phone? Huh?

That Crowley has just now found the Edlund books...he needs to upgrade his intel.
Abbadon's back...I'm assuming to throw a wrench in their slamming the door plans (but she seemed sincerely unhappy that Crowley was now King of hell.)
Dean holds grudges like no one's business. Castiel should know that as well as Sam does by now.
Nephilim? Only one? As in the trials to shut the doors to heaven has only one first key to get the party started? Really?
A heretofore unknown exorcism - created in the last 100 years. I'm waiting to see where they get the purified blood from. Somehow I don't think Dean or Sam going to confession is going to cut it.

My predictions are that the boys will succeed at great cost. (Somewhere in the back of my brain, I'm seeing Sam loose his arm or something) As will Castiel and Metatron, but once the doors slam there will still be X-number of demons/angels trapped in the human plane to wreak future havoc.

So, overall I was neither impressed nor unimpressed -- mostly because there was so much going on in so many directions it's hard to parse out what was done extremely well versus what felt like filler. I'm probably going to watch it again.

In conclusion -- Sam and Sarah still make a pretty couple. (Sarah's canon but unseen new family notwithstanding).

Taylor Cole can stay too. I could fix that for them.

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