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It is entirely possible to respect a person's right to their opinion and not respect a particular opinion. It's also possible to disagree with another person's opinion and still respect the person.

It is nearly impossible to respect a person whose opinion includes the view that anyone who disagrees with their opinion deserves no respect, and furthermore, because their views differ, are morally bankrupt, ethically void, and possibly the root of all evil.

And seriously? People who write (or read) incest are no more likely to be advocating for it in real life than people who write (or read) h/c kidfic are advocating for child abuse.
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Respect is an assumption of good faith and competence in another person or in the whole of oneself. is a well-intentioned idea, but I gotta say, if more people would worry about the respect they show to other people, and worry less about the respect being shown to others by others, there'd be less preaching and more reaching.

Tend your own gardens and share the fruits. You can only offer what you own.

No, the irony inherent in this post is not lost on me.
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Given the latest explanation/clarification by LJ at [ profile] lj_biz regarding content and flocked content, the story "Family Ways" (linked in tags to the left) will be deleted from this journal. The story will remain on my website, so, if you have it bookmarked, or recced, you may want to change your links to this:

note: despite the public nature of this post, if you are not friended you won't be able to access the story on this journal anyway. It's flocked and most of it always has been.

I'm very glad LJ Archive allowed me to back up comments to the series, And I'll leave one unlinked entry back-linked to the story for possible future comments (because I love my feedback) but the story itself will no longer be available in this journal. I also encourage those of you who hate to lose track of stories you like, to change any bookmarks you have to stories in this journal, to the links from the website. Most of them can be found in if you use that service.

Let me state again, that I don't contest LJ's right to ban what they like or set their own standards. My issue is and always has been their total lack of clarity and consistency in their policy.
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I've had a few things to work on over the weekend at home and doing some website work, setting up comms on other services. I have not been keeping up with my flist very well (although partly by design -- I needed some time to think.) No writing got done, although that's hardly surprising.

Having glanced over my flist and various statement, more blatant asshattery from 6A/LJ (I mean, seriously. At this point they don't really have a PR or Communications reputation left to shred, do they?). I did compose a letter to mail them, which I'll mail tomorrow, return receipt requested, an I have read [ profile] liz_marcs's commentary (and yes, I tend to agree that the artists in question did not deserve to be treated the way they were-- a warning to remove the material or flock it would have been sufficient, and that opinion, not withstanding, I'm pretty much of a mind that extremely graphic material, either text or images should be offered with a great deal more discretion than most people seem to want to deal with, but that's an opinion, not a judgment) , and the various and sundry plans for new services, how to keep track the fanarchive project, the hoops people are considering jumping through (and bravo them) to provide a more fan friendly space.

And yet...  )
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It's been said elsewhere, but it bears repeating:

Even if you plan on sticking with LiveJournal (and seriously, unless there are wholesale deletions, I don't see a huge migration, herd-like, to any one place) and even if you are ready for the project on fandom archives and fandom journaling sites, if you write, now would be a good time to look for a place that can house your fiction, that isn't as subject to the same kind of TOS (or arbitrary application of it) as J or other journaling sites are. If you are a reader, then by all means, encourage your favorite authors to archive elsewhere too.

I have a website -- actually a couple of them. And I don't archive all my stuff (only when I think about it) but ISP's go out of business or get sold, other stuff happens. But I Still archive here there and everywhere, because it makes sense. I don't have an extensive listing of all fan-friendly archives, so please feel free to add your own and I'll recompile a new post with additions.

Multifandom archives are best for this list, but I'll take the fandom specific ones too. Let me know if there are restrictions (like if submissions are juried, or have age restrictions.)

I prefer author controlled archives (like, yes,, but lots of fannish archives are using author controlled e-archiving software.) -- Slashfanfiction. Obviously slash only, multifandom -- Archive the End of the Universe. Requires and invitation from an existing member. I am a member, but I'll have to poke around to figure out how to actually get the invites to extend. But there's a link to the forum where you can request one. Multifandom -- the Wonderful World of MakeBelieve on Squidge. You may have to join the maillist. I've never posted there, but it's been around for awhile

Also, if you have a website, please consider putting your work in on If you have a lot (And I did.) you can put it all in a spreadsheet and the site OP will upload everything for you. IT took me a couple of hours to format the spread sheet but it was well worth it.

uh, disturbing is that the following archives seem to have disappeared

The Net Cafe
Strange World
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You know, there's something seriously wrong with people whose moral high ground consists of burying other people.


Edit: There's a better metaphor/analogy out there for this -- make it a contest.

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...cause I'm not in SGA fandom...

I probably should put this on my info page and probably will.

If you want to riff, rewrite, remix, run with, or expand on any piece of fanfiction I've written ever feel free to do so. You do not need permission. You may certainly ask for permission if you feel the need and I'll grant it, but it's not necessary. (However, if it was a collaborative effort -- and there are many -- I am in no way speaking for my past or future collaborators.)

I do request that you credit, regardless of whether you change the whole universe or merely spring board off a certain situation or turn of phrase -- if you know you got it from me, it would be nice to have credit (and possibly a link back to the original story, possibly a cup of tea and some cupcakes would be a nice gesture too.)

That said, as a blanket permission, I assume no obligation to beta, read, like, comment, or otherwise slap a seal of approval (or disapproval) on the work. I might really love it and tell you so. I might really love it and say nothing at all. I might offer to beta it or I might not. I might really hate it and while it's highly unlikely I will tell you so, I might (especially if someone asks me what I thought.) What I'm doing here is disclaiming any obligation to do anything other than treat it like any other piece of fanfic.

If you feel moved to spring board off my original fic, I'd ask the same courtesy be extended to me as to any other professional creative entity involved in books, television, or movies: Credit it, don't try and make money off it, don't claim it as your own. Pretty much all the original fic and poetry posted on my websites is registered with the copyright office even if it is unfinished or unpublished by conventional means. (Yes, it is is worth the fee to secure any future financial rights.)

So...there you go.

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