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You know, every time I come back here and think that maybe, maybe I'm ready to come back into the fannish fold, something happens to make me think twice.

If you have access, you can read back a post or ten and find out how I feel about the outing of Fen to the rest of the world, their families, whoever-the-fuck-ever, without their explicit permission. If you are lazy, let me sum up:

It sucks. It's the worst kind penny-ante, petty, self-serving, pitiful behavior I can think of. There's no excuse for it, no justification of it, and no forgiveness for it.

And you know what else it does? it makes the person who pulled such twat-brained move fair game and a tasty target for those of us who either don't care if we're outed as porn-loving, incest-writing fen, or who it will not impact if we are. It gives us license, as few things do, to treat you badly when we find you, to make your life hell, to mock and malign you, and post and repost your badly thought out attempts at some kind of personal justice or vicious lolz, and warn everyone near and far about what a wasted piece of pixel-dust you are.

And then we get to sit back and watch you squirm and whine and complain about how fandom is so mean to you, and watch you try to lie your way out of the quagmire you've driven yourself into as you work your way deeper in with your pathetic struggles.

I don't care why. I don't care if your target made you feel bad, if you didn't like her hair, her friends, her politics, or you were just having a bad day. It's gonna surface -- your name, your journal, your website, your email. At some point either the authorities will trace your IP, Facebook will roll-over and show its belly, or you will brag quietly to a friend and they'll let something slip and we'll know who you are. And you know how I know that will happen?

Because you were stupid enough to do something that has actual criminal implications by involving a minor in your idiotic vendetta or joke or whatever.

Nobody is that stupid just once.

Best run, little fangirl. Best run now.

ETA: Not trimming my flist. If you are on my flist...oh, please, please stay while I catalogue IP addresses and then get notified every-time you post or if you try to get off my flist. Please don't leave my flist just yet, because that would be too, too, easy.

But feel free to post anonymously...just this once, I insist. Please let me invoke my state's internet harassment and stalker law.
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I'm not even among those that think fan fiction is outright copyright violation, and I still think [[this]] is a bad idea. People are doing a good job of saying why no, as well as no, (save for a few that are being uneccessarily rude IMNSHO), but to be clear, if you don't want your work to be considered, you can opt out [[here]].

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