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:::Sneaking into LJ from the office:::

Happy, Happy birthday, Red! I hope it is as awesome a day as you are a person, that you have many many more, and am so very glad I know you in all your generous, funny, talented, delightful ways.
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I've known Killa almost as long as I've been in fandom. She is a multi-talented, incredibly gifted writer, vidder and artist.

And I love her bunches. She's in the process of shifting her whole life elsewhere (During the holiday season no less) so I wish for her a beautiful, calm, quiet birthday and an atypical easy move.

Happy birthday, Killa. You are one of the best presents I ever gave to myself.
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Today is [ profile] macgeorge1's birthday! She is a fabulous person, an amazing friend, a talented singer, actress, writer, and knows how to take on the big boys.

I am amazingly smug about the fact that she is my friend. Possibly even feeling a bit superior to those of you who don't have the pleasure and luck and damned good fortune to know her.

So, happy birthday, George. I know you are possibly still out in the wilds, scaring the wildlife, and flirting with your husband -- which actually is not a bad way to spend your birthday.

Happiness and joy to you, my friend. And much, much love.
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So, there must be something in the air this day of the year, like some annual blooming of some bizarre pollen that settles in and so people born on this day tend to be really smart, and wicked funny, have a decided inclination toward appreciation of irony, and a solid character that makes them really excellent friends to have.

Regardless of what is in the air, I want to add my own good thoughts, good wishes and gratitude for the opportunity to know (on however large or small a scale) [ profile] destina, [ profile] suzecarol and [ profile] movies_michelle. They've all been making me laugh, think, and enjoy fandom for a lot of years now, and my life is infinitely richer or knowing them.

Happy birthday, my friends!

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