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Waves to everyone;

I don't normally do this here but we need to reach beyond our normal avenues to fill this position. There's no other news (other than all is good) so feel free to skip if you aren't interested.
Looking for a Library Program Manager with a Masters degree in Library and/or Information Science from an ALA-accredited college or university )

Even if it's not your thing, please feel free to pass it along.
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Open letter to the regretless poster on the hate anonymous memes:

Fair warning for TMI.

My mother's name was Maralyn. )
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I probably owe shout outs to a lot of people; in fact I know I do, but I'm going to hit only one: [ profile] amothea You're a doll. I won't reiterate the conclusion you've already come to, but I will say thank you and sincerely wish you never feel called upon to do that again. Nobody, including me, is worth putting yourself through that, honey. But you know, your choice. Just thank you.

It's entirely possible I will take this down at some point, or make it private, but for now…

If you click, be aware that I am unreasonably and irrationally pissed off. )
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I've started waking up between 4 and 4:30 again. I'm guessing it's the season. Or maybe the fact that I can't find an early mass on Sunday which is annoying as it's probably one of the few tradtions I've tried to hold onto since my mother died.

Which made me think of Christmas traditions -- which of course, made me think of food.

Did I ever mention that my Grandmother and Mother were great cooks? they were. (My grandmother was the better of the two, plus she loved it. My Mom was a good cook but she didn't like it so much.)

So, I offer, two recipes. One is a dish done elsewhere, but that Mom always made Christmas eve so she could just pop it in the oven Christmas morning. No muss, no fuss. The other is my grandmother's cornbread dressing. It's simple, not overly spiced, perfectly yummy, compliments the turkey or duck or whatever without being this whole exotic thing all by itself. (And it holds up well to gravy!)

Skier's Delight )
Gram's Cornbread Dressing )

Now, if I could just find my grandfather's eggnog recipe or my Dad's yeast roll recipe...I'd have the whole set.

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