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I am writing at a snail's pace and ultimately frustrated that it's taking me so long to finish my Sweet Charity fics - clinching at the finish line, as it were. *sigh*.

But other people, marvelous, clever people, do not have the same problem so life is still good.

From Barb, the irrepressible [ profile] eighth_horizon, comes my birthday present, but lucky for you all, it's completely shareable. Salvation'verse, caught between Open Doors and Salvation (Which in my head starts when Sam and Sarah marry, but that's just me.)

Small Town, Big Hell (light NC17, Sam/Sarah/Dean) is an awesome case story even without the rest, but it's also the tale of how Sarah Blake came back into the boys' lives, not quite by accident. Wherein Dean is an awesome big brother, and Sam is so very Sam, and Sarah proves she was Winchester from the start even if she didn't get the last name until much later. baby cut for story spoilers )

And if that isn't enough to make your day shiny, then [ profile] destina's Amidst The Wars of Elements (PG, Dean/Sam) just might. This is a gorgeously evocative short piece, a fix for 3:16 - No Rest for the Wicked, in which Des manages to bring both the horror of the culmination of Dean's deal and the inevitability of Sam's hope together in a story that is painful and breathtaking. The details; tiny, pass-me-by details, are what clinches this story for me, a slow build to something both terrible and possible.

and another cut because I have words to say about Destina's writing. )
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No, not a wedding, but an old idea with maybe a new spin.

[ profile] winterlive and I and a hundred or so other people were talking about fic comms for readers. About how difficult it can be to find what you want to read in a fandom with such enormous volume. Not so much recommendations for a specific type of fiction, but the kind of works that make you question your own preferences and maybe broaden it a little because you find something really great or new or different or just clever, and often by an author you've never read before.

So we kibbitzed and hashed a bit, and how to make it not so much the best or, but how to just make it good reading, with a review process and transparency and a process that both eliminates playing favorites and yet isn't so intimidating to people that they fear rejections, or think they'll never have a shot at being selected.

We're still hashing out the details, but we've offered up a poll for people who might be willing to serve on the editorial review staff, or play some other part (And there are many form pre-screeners to compilers to comm maintainers.)

So, if you are interested at all or have questions, please go over to [ profile] winterlive's journal and take the poll if you are interested in participating on the staff side or ask question there or here (Although reading the referenced posts first would be a good thing.)

The poll is in this post:

Me? I'm working on procedures and guides because I'm a big old process geek for this stuff. Hopefully we'll have a better picture and a rough overview sometime this weekend.
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Title: Hopeful Monster
Author: Monster of Hope
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Sam/Dean
Rating: PG-13 for language
[ profile] monster_of_hope has posted a wonderful case-framed pre-slash story called "Hopeful Monsters". You can find part one [[here]] and part two [[here]].

Extended rec under the cut. Set after 02x14. )

And in that same vein (recs and feedback not stories) [ profile] i_naiad has opened up a community to host the Supernatural Fandom Appreciation Challenge, based on a similar challenge hosted by [ profile] china_shop as a way to get people to make those recs and leave that feedback we all want to do more of, but for various reasons aren't. It's a one week challenge running every three months or so. Go poke at the profile page and see if it's something you're willing to put the time and effort into. If the wank of the last few days got you thinking, this is a great way to act on those thoughts.

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[ profile] eighth_horizon has posted two short vignettes in her Salvation futureverse. They are short and sweet, lovely gap fillers in the broader arc.

You know, the sheer number of wonderful on-going futureverses in this fandom kind of boggle the mind at the same time providing such a wealth of rich and satisfying reading, I'm kind of at a loss to know how or why. I should probably do a rec set, except I think I'd be preaching to the converted.
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I squee for joy!

[ profile] destina has just posted the most lovely Dean/Sam dance: Life Among the Dead.

Highly narrative, slow and quiet like a lazy river, it's a lovely mix of visions and would be/could be's.

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I have, on my currently-to-be-recced list a couple of vids ([ profile] wistful_fever I have not forgotten!), several longer stories to rec/review (including other stories in [ profile] rei_c's Fundamental Images universe which I'm telling you about because you should read them -- and I am being unbearably slow about putting my thoughts together on this mostly because my brain explodes from joy everytime I sit down to read them,) and some artwork that I'd like people to take a look at.

But, this is not that rec set. )
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[ profile] eighth_horizon has posted a snapshot of her own (and really, her little slices of future life in the Salvation 'verse are the inspiration for everything I'm doing.)

Once A Week, But For The Rest Of Your Life will make you smile. How could you possibly resist Daddy-Dean?

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Given the recent hullaballoo regarding all kinds of fannish interactions,

I feel like I need to clarify my position on recs and reviews... )
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I recced this earlier, so this is just a not to let you all know, the last part of [ profile] eighth_horizon's Immutable Law has been posted.

Go ye forth and read and feedback!

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[ profile] eighth_horizon knows how to give a present. I'm just sayin'.

Fair warning: It's a WIP

The story is Immutable Law and this link will take you to the first part (There are 5 planned.) Part three was posted last night, and if she doesn't have you friended already, you will have to go to [ profile] eighth_horizon's LJ and request she friend you for that part which rated adult for graphic (and beautiful) sex.

It's a wonderful, lovely, moving story -- with amazing characterizations of both Dean and Sam and most specifically of a Dean seen through Sam's changed eyes. Anything beyond this point might be considered spoilery for the plot so you can bail now and go read or continue on...

From her notes, she tells you that [ profile] _seraphina_ had requested story with Wincest, Genderfuck, Girl!Sam, valid reason for Girl!Sam, resolve, 2 smut scenes, one with Girl!Sam/Dean and the other slash...

That doesn't seem to difficult does it? Well, for [ profile] eighth_horizon it apparently isn't.
...cutting for spoilers )
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So, after resisting mightily, I finally got a account, right? Man, remind me to never be stupid about shit like that again, because being the anal-retentive organizer that I am, the tag system allowed me to rank and file bunches of stuff under a variety of headings that make sense to me if no one else.

One of those tags is rec:Just-Hot.


Meaning these are stories that just hit my kinks for whatever reason, and they may not be your kinks, but these are the kinds of stories that just make me all happy and kind of squirmy and that I can never, ever, ever write because my brain requires all kinds of convoluted rationales and reasons and psychological profiles and quite possibly approval stamping from the State Attorney General because I am just wired that way. My monkey brain rules when I write. But my lizard brain is all about the heat, baby.

I also need to apologize to at least some of the authors because I'm pretty sure I didn't comment on all of these as posted for whatever reason -- some because I found them while skimming the whole networking feature of and there was kind of this frenzy of saving and cataloguing for a while there, that was not unlike me being the shark when the boat had just tossed chum in the water. I was mad. Mad I tell you! (like a crazy person, not like Rush I was a crazy person.)SO, I'm sorry. Please be assured that I don't rec unless I really like.

All of these except the last are Supernatural. The last one is from The Fast and the Furious. They are also not all PWP's, so be prepared to settle in for a bit when you read.

This is not all of them, and some of them are qualified...feel free to peruse my account... )
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Quick Rec: Rooms And Boxes

Blair Lott (also of the alt. band Ruben Kincaid)

Disclaimer: I used to work with Blair back when his band Ruben Kincaid played locally in Atlanta. He's in the process of releasing a solo album and part of the is rec came about because I was listiening to the "Isn't it wonderful?" CD in my car last night and went to check and see if they've released anything new.

The link above takes you to a site where you an sample a good poriton of the album coming up for release. His style is kind of a mix between alt pop and blues, a little folk/ballad...and a little bit of funk/rock. Very eclectic.

I'm very fond of his music (okay, most of it...) Queen of New Orleans is very kind of Doors reminiscent but other stuff is kind of like REM.
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Fundamental Image by [ profile] rei_c is a just posted marvel of a slash story exploring Sam's abilities and powers, what he knows and how, how it opens him further to Dean and Dean to him. There's also a brilliantly engaging examination of Voudon, from the rivalries and strengths of the loas as well as their humor; possession in a physical plane supplementing Sam's more non-physical efforts in a face off with a mambo. I am not an expert on voudon, but I'm familiar enough with it to have found this to be both fascinating and gleefully informative. The story is really marvelous on a lot of levels, both subject and style. Highly narrative rather than dialogue driven, but painting a vivid picture of what it's like to live being able to see with more than your eyes. There's a pretty hot little Sam/Jess starter there as well...and how much fire is in Sam's blood in not merely metaphorical ways.

Highly recommended but I'm well aware the subject, the style, and the Sam focus may not be everyone's cup of tea. But still...I'd say read it. The loas alone deserve your attention for a moment or two. (Slash)

And you know it occurs to me that I should rec [ profile] lyra_wing's Lessons Learned which is a future fic, that follows a couple of minor characters from the series on the long road that leads them to a Sam and Dean who are much changed by what they've done and seen and yet essentially the same. It has the benefit of showing us the boys most through the eyes of another, of positing a future for them and is kind of quiet and still and yet a compelling read. The interlude and bridge give us more of Dean and Sam directly and also give us that best of all things in boys's future: a deep sense of contentment if not happiness with who they are where they are and what they've saved both in terms of other people and themselves. (Slash.)

Recs - SPN

Jun. 12th, 2006 11:49 am
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Two recs, although one of them is a series and the other is a novel, so if you're looking for a couple of days worth of reading, here's your chance.

First up is [ profile] poisontaster's Heart 'verse which I, quite honestly, kind of flail at even trying to explain why I love this 'verse so much. First, there's a dozen or so stories, some that are no longer than drabbles others that are worthy of sitting back in your favorite chair to read. It's a future fic that looks at what happens when Sam and Dean (and Dean especially) can't hunt any longer. There's Gen bits and Slash bits. The Gen bits are lovely and fun and offer a really amazing look at our favorite boys when they push past their beautiful 20's and move into later years, when years of hunting and injuries have caught up to them. The Slash bits are all about coming to terms with a relationship that kind of defies description, where being lovers doesn't supersede being brothers and where being brothers might occasionally get in the way of everything else, only not. The stories cross and recross themselves, occasionally seeming to conflict in small ways because it's not a long epic, it's a series of snapshots, of moments and memories. The affection between Sam and Dean will make you smile and the tension that sometimes snap between them makes you hurt. And when the sex is hot, it's hot…like fog your windows hot.

The stories span a couple of decades and What I Keep and What I Carry lays down a rough guideline of where [ profile] poisontaster see it all going and how it happens, but she wisely (and lucky for us) refuses to be held to all the details therein...

This is a happy ending that isn't always happy, but ultimately is really the best and most wonderful life than anyone could hope for, joy and sadness all part of a life well-lived.


It's possible that if you haven't been reading, or are not now reading [ profile] nilchance and [ profile] beanside's post Devil's Trap novel, Of Bastard Saints you maybe be the only one, or one of the few. And I'm just saying, trying to be different? Not good enough reason to miss this. This is an amazingly well-realized, well-characterized, well plotted story, with characters, even minor ones, who make an impression and a series of events and realizations and resolutions that are enough to make your head spin and your heart burst -- you know, when you aren't laughing your head off at the snark that is apparently a Winchester family trait even in their grief. John and Sam especially, when forced together without Dean as a buffer, are like your worst vacation with your siblings, and possibly the best Road Trip duo ever.

I've got more, but in deference to the authors' own notes, I'm going to put the rest behind a cut so as not so spoil inadvertently.

More on: Of Bastard Saints )
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I don't even know how to express my love for this short, wonderful little story by [ profile] ethrosdemon Family Comes First is an AU, a single twist of fate that changes everything for Sam and Dean, both in joy and in purpose.

I want more of this and at the same time, it's utterly perfect as it is.

Go. Read. Comment. Shoo!
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[ profile] ethrosdemon has written a brilliantly provocative Supernatural gender-swap story called How Am I Gonna Keep Myself Away From Me.

Okay, so the genderswap stories in SPN really are kind of the most sincere kind of crack, because balancing those character traits between Sam and Dean is hard enough when they are just guys, and keeping the essential "themness" of the characters with totally different body parts is like a total test of authorial skill as far as I'm concerned. It's not something I've even got the courage to try, much less have a hope in hell of succeeding at. There have been a half dozen or so that I thought really hit the mark, some were exceedingly funny and sexy. This one has that and more.

When it's done and done well, the results can be amazing and in this case, the revelations are both completely in character and yet still provide the underlying friction that encompasses most good incest stories.

Brief summary: there's a curse and Sam gets the whammy (and the mammaries) but the curse is on Dean and how it plays out is both brilliant and just…

There's a lively discussion going on in [ profile] ethrosdemon's journal which I suggest you skip before reading. Seriously. And if you can manage to leave your character biases and preferences at the door, what you are likely to get may not be what you expected, but will definitely make you think.

Seriously, this story's got all the humor and sibling snarking you could possibly want as well as something that will linger with you long after you read the last line.

I'd offer a more thorough review but this is one of those stories that really needs to be read knowing that you get out of it what you bring to it. (And my opinion is the less you bring the more you get.)

How to rate? Hard R, Incest, Het.

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