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The Last Outpost of All That Is
by [ profile] eighth_horizon (aka B. Stearns)
61,700 words
NC-17 for graphic Sam/Dean.

I sent B an extended version of this rec -- but words are seriously inadequate.

It's no secret that I find [ profile] eighth_horizon to be an amazingly skilled and multi-talented writer. She's got a way with words and of seeing things that rings true to character and true to life whether she's writing humor or drama, horror or crack. It doesn't matter how outrageous her premise, her characters, her Sam and Dean are so grounded in the actual essence (rather than just the appearance) of the characters that everything else falls in line, whether it's revenant spirits or giving the boys wings.

The Last Outpost of All That Is is an apocalyptic tale, it's slash, and those two things tell you nothing at all about the story or the incredible journey it takes you on. ...but to say more would spoil so, proceed with caution. )
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I don't often rec PWP's -- I actually don't read them that often - but I caught this and am ever so glad

How The World Comes Down To You by [ profile] halfshellvenus is fairly short, but not a quick read, because every word feels heavy and languid and rich. It's erotica of the best kind.

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[ profile] tigriswolf's don't you ever play with guns. Rated R, Hendrickson/Dean, implied Dean/Sam, Hendrickson/Hendrickson’s wife.

This is a really short gem of a story, an entire history packed into a few short paragraphs, without a lot of extras, but it all rings crystal clear and scarily possible.
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by B. Stearns ([ profile] gekizetsu) Salvation AU
22,070 words, gen, R for language, violence and gore.
Summary: Dean's current and former lives collide a little too hard and jeopardize everything - his career, his family, and his life.

Something for everyone )

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So, the writing thing is just not happening (due to long and convoluted quantum theories involving stress and work and the fact that when it's autumn-lovely I have a hard time sitting still for five minutes when I'd rather be planting pansies.)

but the upside to not writing is that I'm reading like a mad thing, both new stuff and from the months of backed up tags to revisit. And since it's fall, I'm sharing the harvest of good things )
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I seriously, seriously need to get my LOC mojo together because there's a ton of good stuff popping up on my radar and the urge to send authors (and occasionally the promises I've made to them if not myself) detailed, impressionistic rambling letters of comment is strong, but I'm having trouble keeping my brain focused on any one thing at the moment.

So, what I'm doing is not really instead of, but kind of a place holder, until I can get my act together but mostly because I want you, my flist, to read these -- and if you have to wait until I do get it together...well...

Two today -- both rather lengthy and one with a brief overview of a verse. )

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you may have noticed that I am rarely at a loss for words...however:

Crossroad Dirt (links to her journal then to her website)
Author: [ profile] killabeez
Rating: PG13
Characters: Sam, Dean, and John
Genre: Gen
Words: 26,658

I am actually kind of incoherent about this story -- I mean, I just don't even have words. )
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For a series that routinely deals with the Monster of the Week, finding good critter (not ghosts!) stories has actually been more difficult than I expected. I mean there are a ton of them out there and some I've read and liked but for whatever reason didn't flag, (so yes, that is your prompt for reccing excellent critter stories at the end of this -- that also have layers of character and relationship development. Het, Gen, Slash -- it's all good.)

In this case, with one exception, all the stories have both Sam and Dean in them (and seriously, if you follow my recs or my journal at all, that's pretty much the default setting. It's not that there aren't good Sam alone or Dean alone stories, it's just that for me, the show is fundamentally about the brothers and any story that's missing one or the other of them is, well, fundamentally missing something.)

As ever; guidelines for my recs/reviews can be found [[here]].

So, OMG! What was that? )

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