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I am writing at a snail's pace and ultimately frustrated that it's taking me so long to finish my Sweet Charity fics - clinching at the finish line, as it were. *sigh*.

But other people, marvelous, clever people, do not have the same problem so life is still good.

From Barb, the irrepressible [ profile] eighth_horizon, comes my birthday present, but lucky for you all, it's completely shareable. Salvation'verse, caught between Open Doors and Salvation (Which in my head starts when Sam and Sarah marry, but that's just me.)

Small Town, Big Hell (light NC17, Sam/Sarah/Dean) is an awesome case story even without the rest, but it's also the tale of how Sarah Blake came back into the boys' lives, not quite by accident. Wherein Dean is an awesome big brother, and Sam is so very Sam, and Sarah proves she was Winchester from the start even if she didn't get the last name until much later. baby cut for story spoilers )

And if that isn't enough to make your day shiny, then [ profile] destina's Amidst The Wars of Elements (PG, Dean/Sam) just might. This is a gorgeously evocative short piece, a fix for 3:16 - No Rest for the Wicked, in which Des manages to bring both the horror of the culmination of Dean's deal and the inevitability of Sam's hope together in a story that is painful and breathtaking. The details; tiny, pass-me-by details, are what clinches this story for me, a slow build to something both terrible and possible.

and another cut because I have words to say about Destina's writing. )
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Doris Egan has written an amazing post about the writer's strike, but also about writers in general, that looks at the nuts and bolts of the strike, but also of the value of writers and writing not just as an art form, but as a profession and a calling. For those of you not familiar with her work, I highly recommend her as a regular read (although she posts infrequently). She's a screenwriter as well as a novelist and a fan. She's also a delightful person and an insightful observer. Mostly, she's good people.

to live by the pen (long post warning)
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...cause I'm not in SGA fandom...

I probably should put this on my info page and probably will.

If you want to riff, rewrite, remix, run with, or expand on any piece of fanfiction I've written ever feel free to do so. You do not need permission. You may certainly ask for permission if you feel the need and I'll grant it, but it's not necessary. (However, if it was a collaborative effort -- and there are many -- I am in no way speaking for my past or future collaborators.)

I do request that you credit, regardless of whether you change the whole universe or merely spring board off a certain situation or turn of phrase -- if you know you got it from me, it would be nice to have credit (and possibly a link back to the original story, possibly a cup of tea and some cupcakes would be a nice gesture too.)

That said, as a blanket permission, I assume no obligation to beta, read, like, comment, or otherwise slap a seal of approval (or disapproval) on the work. I might really love it and tell you so. I might really love it and say nothing at all. I might offer to beta it or I might not. I might really hate it and while it's highly unlikely I will tell you so, I might (especially if someone asks me what I thought.) What I'm doing here is disclaiming any obligation to do anything other than treat it like any other piece of fanfic.

If you feel moved to spring board off my original fic, I'd ask the same courtesy be extended to me as to any other professional creative entity involved in books, television, or movies: Credit it, don't try and make money off it, don't claim it as your own. Pretty much all the original fic and poetry posted on my websites is registered with the copyright office even if it is unfinished or unpublished by conventional means. (Yes, it is is worth the fee to secure any future financial rights.)

So...there you go.

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Not really aimed at any one fandom, just some things I've noticed recently on lj that are making me cranky.

Cut to protect those who don't care. )

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