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Waves to everyone;

I don't normally do this here but we need to reach beyond our normal avenues to fill this position. There's no other news (other than all is good) so feel free to skip if you aren't interested.

Must have requirements:
Technical Experience
• Nine years experience in project development from inception to deployment, expertise in the management and control of funds and resources using complex reporting mechanisms, demonstrated compatibility in managing multi-task contracts and/or subcontracts of various types and complexity.
• Eight years of progressively responsible experience, three of which must have been in a science or research library or information center with a large book and journal collection.
• Three years professional experience involving intensive work with bibliographic systems for library or information centers.
• Knowledge of and experience in cost control measures, benchmarking procedures, and quality assurance implementation.
• Experience with development and management of web-related design.
• Digital library services and product development experience.

Management/Supervisory Experience
• Eight years experience supervising library staff in a scientific, engineering, or research library or information center in a contractor environment
• Direct supervision experience of at least 10 professional staff and functions and additional nonprofessional staff.
• Two concurrent years of responsibility for oversight of an integrated library system with an online remote access capability supporting multiple functionalities and additional online systems and services.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Oversee and interact with all technical aspects of the library, including electronic library support integration and user and technical services, implementing standard problem solving procedures and Continuous Process Improvement procedures.

Oversees special projects and tasks and ensures all deliverables are on-time and compliant.
Ensures that all library staff and operations operate at full potential and meet all readiness and timeliness requirements of the contract. Applies sound management practices to encourage equal opportunity, minimize employee turnover, and motivate and maintain a professional, highly-trained staff Experience in managing to performance metrics and quality requirements in a user-centered environment. Proven ability to work effectively with management, employees, and customers. Proven ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing, including the ability to deliver presentations and briefings. Proven experience in leading a team in product delivery, on time and within budget. Develop, finalize, and implement metrics required under the contract, coordinate strategic planning initiatives, monitor and adhere to department budget, manage all staff, technical and financial aspects of the library, and provide all needed statistics and report writing.

Please use Program Manager in your email subject line and submit all resumes to: vwatts at

Even if it's not your thing, please feel free to pass it along.
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