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In the post here:

among all the rest of the news and commentary are three items that have people talking and caught my attention (and that takes some serious doing these days -- I promise you.)

Open questions:
  • Revenue sharing - Should users be rewarded for their content and contributions?

  • Advertising – What are the best ways of integrating commercial opportunities (for both users and brands) into LiveJournal?

  • Subscriptions – Should moderators be able to charge for access to closed communities?

  • ...temptation, thy name is LJ )

    This post is not f-locked. Link at will.
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    Please note: this post is public: Fair game for link & discuss.

    I've been having an excellent time in discussion over at [ profile] hesychasm's journal over the last couple of days. And then I followed the [ profile] metafandom link to a discussion in [ profile] umbo's journal and got all kind of twisted up again. Not in argument and confrontation, but in the tone I perceive, which stems only partly from the "there are things you shouldn't write because of the affect they may have on others", camp. This isn't a scree or rant about people who stand up for their principles. I think that's a good thing. I don't care which side of the current debate you are on.

    Because it's entirely true that if you can't stand up for yourself, then it's highly likely that someone will stand up for you, even if you don't ask them to.

    And that, I think, is the problem I'm having. )
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    You all owe [ profile] ellen_fremedon a round of applause and possibly cookies because she's managed to summarize and illustrate some of the issues I've been trying to get to gel in my fractured brain for the last couple of days only it's already taken me 30,000 words and I still haven't managed to make it make sense even to myself.

    ...and in doing so, she reminded me of something I'd written as a forward to a piece of original fiction a decade or so ago, that could apply to my fan fiction as well as any other fiction I write -- in which I tried to summarize that I do, indeed write with a sense of honesty and responsibility but both of those things are more a matter of me being honest with myself and responsibile to my own moral and ethical principles.

    Therefore, enjoy, suspend disbelief and know that while all of this is true, none of it is the Truth.

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    a day or so ago, I pointed you to [ profile] heatherly's meta post...

    Today, I offer you [ profile] xanphibians repsonse. Xanphibian touches on some of my objections to [ profile] heatherly's post, but only peripherally, and her perspective is certainly different from mine (not in a bad way -- we just don't share a particular common background).

    Anyway, it's well reasoned, and again, even-handed and well thought out.

    I'm still working on my own shake down of my overall response to both Strikethrough07 and the way fandom is responding to it and the issues surfacing as a result of it.
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    If you have not tripped over [ profile] heatherly's essay elsewhere, I encourage you to read it.

    You know, if that's the sort of thing you like to read.

    I say this in full admission of fact that I disagree, or rather, approach differently a couple of points in the second half of her essay -- primarily from a ideological and practical POV as opposed to disagreeing with her en toto of a writer's responsibility. I'm pretty sure I'll have additional thoughts on that in a bit, if I can get my thoughts organized in such a way as to present them as less contention than perspective.

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