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Of general fannish interest, I think. [ profile] elynross has some thoughts and a couple of conversations that kind of fold into each other, both about the show and about what she wants to read and see and why.

For those of you not familiar with the force of nature that is [ profile] elynross, "Room and Board" was written for her, and she's a huge part of the conversation I had before I wrote my first slash/incest story in this fandom.

One think I do want to comment on here is to point out that in most of my own rants, discussions, commentary, all of it, is geared more or less toward getting more of what I, personally, want out of a fandom, be that stories I like or interesting discussions, better formatted pages. It' snot an entirely selfish effort, since I tend to think I'm neither unique nor particularly special in my wants and needs in any of those areas, just possibly a little more eager/willing/able to try and articulate them.

We all want what we want, and sometimes a few of us or bunches of us all share the same wants, which you know, is what makes fandom communal and connections between fans useful and fun.

i.e. [ profile] elynross and I have similar enough tastes in fic, that for the most part, if she recs something, I'm probably going to like it -- and I think the same is true in reverse. Or the fact that [ profile] marinarusalka tends to write stories I like, is a fair (though not 100% indication that she and I will also share similar tastes...

I mean, I write the stories I like to read, stories I wish someone else was writing...

Any, go. Read. Participate. Be entertained or just enlightened. Commune

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In no other genre of literature that I can think of does the very nature of the genre ensure an audience starts from a common place as does fan fiction. For the most part, the intended audience, the readership in any given fandom, share the same source, are aware of the same back history of the characters, share a visual reference for the characters and the locations and style of a show.

Where we are on the same track - Intro )

Let's start with the audio portion of our program, shall we? )
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Not really aimed at any one fandom, just some things I've noticed recently on lj that are making me cranky.

Cut to protect those who don't care. )

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