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Just a note, there be spoilers for the ep, but I talk about the previews in another post.

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[ profile] ethrosdemon has written a brilliantly provocative Supernatural gender-swap story called How Am I Gonna Keep Myself Away From Me.

Okay, so the genderswap stories in SPN really are kind of the most sincere kind of crack, because balancing those character traits between Sam and Dean is hard enough when they are just guys, and keeping the essential "themness" of the characters with totally different body parts is like a total test of authorial skill as far as I'm concerned. It's not something I've even got the courage to try, much less have a hope in hell of succeeding at. There have been a half dozen or so that I thought really hit the mark, some were exceedingly funny and sexy. This one has that and more.

When it's done and done well, the results can be amazing and in this case, the revelations are both completely in character and yet still provide the underlying friction that encompasses most good incest stories.

Brief summary: there's a curse and Sam gets the whammy (and the mammaries) but the curse is on Dean and how it plays out is both brilliant and just…

There's a lively discussion going on in [ profile] ethrosdemon's journal which I suggest you skip before reading. Seriously. And if you can manage to leave your character biases and preferences at the door, what you are likely to get may not be what you expected, but will definitely make you think.

Seriously, this story's got all the humor and sibling snarking you could possibly want as well as something that will linger with you long after you read the last line.

I'd offer a more thorough review but this is one of those stories that really needs to be read knowing that you get out of it what you bring to it. (And my opinion is the less you bring the more you get.)

How to rate? Hard R, Incest, Het.

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