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You know, every time I come back here and think that maybe, maybe I'm ready to come back into the fannish fold, something happens to make me think twice.

If you have access, you can read back a post or ten and find out how I feel about the outing of Fen to the rest of the world, their families, whoever-the-fuck-ever, without their explicit permission. If you are lazy, let me sum up:

It sucks. It's the worst kind penny-ante, petty, self-serving, pitiful behavior I can think of. There's no excuse for it, no justification of it, and no forgiveness for it.

And you know what else it does? it makes the person who pulled such twat-brained move fair game and a tasty target for those of us who either don't care if we're outed as porn-loving, incest-writing fen, or who it will not impact if we are. It gives us license, as few things do, to treat you badly when we find you, to make your life hell, to mock and malign you, and post and repost your badly thought out attempts at some kind of personal justice or vicious lolz, and warn everyone near and far about what a wasted piece of pixel-dust you are.

And then we get to sit back and watch you squirm and whine and complain about how fandom is so mean to you, and watch you try to lie your way out of the quagmire you've driven yourself into as you work your way deeper in with your pathetic struggles.

I don't care why. I don't care if your target made you feel bad, if you didn't like her hair, her friends, her politics, or you were just having a bad day. It's gonna surface -- your name, your journal, your website, your email. At some point either the authorities will trace your IP, Facebook will roll-over and show its belly, or you will brag quietly to a friend and they'll let something slip and we'll know who you are. And you know how I know that will happen?

Because you were stupid enough to do something that has actual criminal implications by involving a minor in your idiotic vendetta or joke or whatever.

Nobody is that stupid just once.

Best run, little fangirl. Best run now.

ETA: Not trimming my flist. If you are on my flist...oh, please, please stay while I catalogue IP addresses and then get notified every-time you post or if you try to get off my flist. Please don't leave my flist just yet, because that would be too, too, easy.

But feel free to post anonymously...just this once, I insist. Please let me invoke my state's internet harassment and stalker law.
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we have this on network TV:

"CBS encamped 40 kids in an abandoned New Mexico ghost town for more than a month. The kids performed on camera for more than 14 hours at a stretch, seven days a week, making their own meals.

They were filming during the school year, yet no studio teachers were present. They were working on a major television production, yet no parents were on the set.

The show is CBS’ upcoming reality series "Kid Nation." When rivals first got wind of the concept, they declared the production an impossible endeavor: From a legal, labor, public relations and logistical standpoint, this show should never have worked.

Yet CBS, long considered the most conservative of the broadcast networks, quietly and without mishap shot the first season of "Nation" before the media had even a whiff of what’s become one of the most talked-about series of the fall—and seemingly stayed within the lines of applicable labor laws in the process.

How’d they do it? By literally declaring the production a "summer camp" instead of a place of employment; by taking advantage of a loophole in New Mexico labor rules two months before the state legislature tightened the law, and using a ghost town that wasn’t exactly a ghost town."
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Look, I can be as stupidly offensive as the next person. However, you don't need to have been brought up or live in the deep south to get what [[Witchqueen]] is explaining in incredibly patient and very clear terms. And you don't have to be a Person of Color to understand how deeply, deeply offensive and coded this word is, regardless of its etymology. How it was and has been used, in this case, is everything.

Also, see [ profile] liviapenn's round up [[here]].

beyond that... )
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I just responded to [ profile] jcf013's post[here]. This is not an invitation or subliminal (or not so subliminal) directive to go pounce upon her journal or her person or make this a bigger thing that it is. But something she said, kind of encapsulated the whole reason this kind of bullshit actually does get under my skin.

She wrote (among other points regarding her response to Pert's post)
Her point was that there are a LOT of us out here that don't get any love while the same twenty people seem to hoard it all for themselves.

And I responded with:
And therein lies my problem. I do not disagree that some authors and some stories seem to get a disproportionate amount of feedback for reasons that *may* seem unfair or related to either popularity or familiarity.

However, your statement implies and underlying feeling or impression that those fans, those popular and well known BNF's -- of which I was identified as one -- are *actively* trying to persuade fandom at large not just to leave more comments on their stories but to also actively keep people from commenting on other people's stories.

And you know what? That may be what you actually feel or believe but neither your feeling nor impertinence's belief actually make that true. What it does do is perpetuate the feeling that BNF's -- again, myself included -- are actively trying to make fannish experience miserable for other people and all else aside?

I resent the hell out of that implication.

And she replied that she didn't imply it. I inferred it. Fair point.

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To this: post, I have only this to say:

I have never read Proust.


Okay, and this:

If I hold a gun to your head and force you to read my fic until your eyes bleed, OR

I withhold food and water from you until you write me lengthy, heart-felt and, most of all, flattering comments on everything I post, OR

I badmouth you in public and tell the whole world I think you need to get over the fact that you are not getting the attention you think you deserve...

THEN and only then, can you accuse me of oppressing you.

I will then flex my mighty BNF hands and dismiss you...

You may now leave the fandom.

Just move fucking fast before I beat you to the door.

And yes, I know that's not what she meant, but at the same time... bite me. I don't care if you read my stories or like my prose. I am not a postulant to the Holy Mother of Fannish Obligation.

10:28PM Edit: I am going to bed. I was up at 5:30 this morning and I have two different charity orgs coming tomorrow to haul stuff off. And how utterly stupid do I feel for feeling like I need to tell people I'm going to bed, as opposed to merely callously blowing off your much appreciated and often hysterically funny comments.

I am going to take a cue from [ profile] estrella30 though: I am not going to apologize for enjoying writing and posting stories. I'm not going to apologize for the fact that people, all kinds of people, like those stories and have the kindness and make the effort to tell me so. I am not going to apologize for being friends with other people, some of whom also write stories people like, or who make vids people like, or who write meta people like.

I am not going to apologize for doing things that make me happy, and that bring happiness and fun to other people.

This kind of bullshit, however, is not fun. If you don't like my stuff -- fair enough. Please, please by all means go find and comment and support people and work you do like. No harm, no foul.

Good night, ya'll.

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