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(Via [ profile] kaethe)

We're running a Supernatural fanfic auction for the next two weeks (June 28 - July 12) benefiting a fellow writer, publisher, and friend who is in need of a wheelchair. Twenty-two writers (and one vidder!) have generously offered their talents and time to this endeavor, and every penny goes to the fund. The auction can be found at, under Miscellaneous-General, and registering to bid is fast and free. Donations are also gratefully accepted. For questions or to make a donation, please contact me at I hope you'll come check it out and not only have some fun bidding on some great writers, but also help us raise money for a good cause!

K Hanna Korossy

All the author offerings (And the vid) are Gen except one, but some excellent writers there.

It's been awhile since I've been in a position (emotionally, mentally or financially) to extend my assistance in any form. If my bids are beat, I'll donate the money directly to K. Hanna.

This is local in terms of fan benefit, and the amount needed is in the hundreds not the thousands of dollars, so if you've got the time, the inclination, and a little extra cash, take a look and see if having a story or vid written for you strikes your fancy.

Note on the auction site: I found it a little grumpy in dealing with Firefox. It liked IE much better. When you finally get to the offering's page, select the writer/vidder and then scroll down the page for what they are offering. Registration is free and relatively painless.
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Worth Having
by maygra

Highlander: Methos/Joe implied, PG.

for kensieg & Sweet Charity. Many thanks to [ profile] dswdiane & [ profile] acostilow for the look-over and encouragement.

3,183 words
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To which I say...fandom is the gift that keeps on giving.
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There's about a day left for Sweet Charity bidding.

Approximately 200 Ho's, some of them willing to take on more than one clever trick, including yers truly.

We've hit the $10,000 mark, but seriously, I know some of you are waiting for just the right moment, like 10 seconds before the bidding is over.

You totally are.

I've got fiction and critiques and tea sets and bound fiction and customized recipe books up for auction. And while I'm not promising to bake cookies for you (although some people are) I'm totally willing to bribe you with cookies.

Yummy cookies. Cookies you can make and eat at your tea party. Cookies you can nibble on while reading, or tempting me with a dozen bunnies. Cookies you can share. Or you know, not....

You want some cookies little fangirl/fanboy? I got your cookies right here, baby! )

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Just as a side note, of the three things under the miscellaneous category, there is only one bound book.

I'm willing to do two tea services or two recipe books, but there's only the one bound book, so if that's what you are after be aware that the top bidder gets first choice.

But if it's the bound edition you are after, I just want people to be aware of the fact, that there's only one and I have no way of producing a second should two people actually be after that.

(My completely honest opinion is that people are really enchanted with the tea services, which is wicked cool, and I'm perfectly fine with that.)

It may be a moot point but I wanted people to be aware of that. In retrospect, I should have put it under fiction, but since it is already posted and simply reformatted, I put it in Misc.

If in fact, at the end of the auction, no one actually wants the book, then we can negotiate.

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The Sweet Charity bidding has begun!

What I'm offering:


1) 1000 words (minimally) seriously, people, how often is anything I write only 1000 words? in current fandom (SPN), existing universes or new, any genre (gen, het, slash), existing universe or new. (No John/either boy) OR shorter work in any previous fandom (HL, M7-ATF (or M7 AU), TFATF 500-1000 words min.) ,

OR, in-depth *critical* review or beta for any of *your* work of approximately 5000 words or less (i.e. your work is 5000 words or less, my review may be be any length but it won't be short. [g]),

OR you can ask for something, prior to bidding close and if I can, I will. If you choose the critical review, please be sure you really want that, as my point is to give you feedback you can use in future works, not necessarily to correct or "fix" an already published work. A fandom I am familiar with is probably a good idea but not a requirement.

2) One bound copy of "Don't Pay the Ferryman" including prologue and epilogue. Novel-type binding, with color cover. The story has already been posted online (SPN, Gen, Dean & Sam). This is a true bound edition, limited, for the auction. The story is here:


Non-fiction items: I will do one of each, or two of one based on individual bidder preference. *


If curling up with a nice cup of tea is your thing, here's what I'll send you: a decorated box or basket that will contain one antique or interesting tea cup and saucer, a decorative spoon just for your tea-loving usage, a tiny pot, a tea strainer for loose leaves,a special linen to accent your tea-loving calm space, an assortment of teas for moods and calming, an offering of sweet or savory cookies or biscuits, and a book to amuse you and make your tea party for one perfect. Advise of allergies or dislikes please.


1 "book" of recipes with your/my favorite foods (i.e. if seafood is your passion, look for coastal yumminess, or if you cheer for chicken, expect poultry goodness, or vegan awesomeness.) Accent on ease of preparation, produced either online for you to print and download or mailed to you with text only, minimal pictures/graphics(likely punch bound). Keep in mind that I trend toward homestyle with an international influence. Up to a dozen recipes, main courses and side dishes and 1-2 quick desserts. Please advise of food allergies.

*Shipping: I will ship internationally although it won't be second day as it would be in the states (but I won't make you wait six months either).

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